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Stock Control

The Stock Control System (SCS) is a flexible and tightly controlled stock system. It is also fully integrated with Sales Ledger, Purchases Ledger, and Cash Book. SCS may be customized and adopted by different types of businesses.


Up to ten stock locations or warehouses may be defined per stock item. Stock levels are monitored as a whole and per location. Most reports can be issued per location. As an example, Stock Valuation can be issued for a particular warehouse for insurance purposes. Transfers of stock from one location to another can easily be effected.

Stock Categories and Groups

Stock Items may be divided into user defined groups and further sub-divided into categories for further analysis.

Bar Code Support

Support for EAN 13, EAN 8 and UPC bar coding is also available catering for both a unit and a pack bar code.

Bar Code printing

Nowadays, most products bear a bar code. However, there will always remain a small percentage of items that do not. This optional module enables the user to automatically generate bar codes for these items. These can then be printed on user-defined labels on an ordinary dot-matrix printer. Support for specialized bar code printers is also available.

Expiry dates

As an option, expiry dates can be supported. We have considerable experience in deploying stock systems in the food industry. The First-In First-Out method is used to deduct stock in this case. Reports in this option can identify all those items that will expire on a particular date. By means of this cost saving measure, one can issue these items at a discount instead of eventually throwing them away.

Units of Issue

SCS flexibility has evolved throughout the years as it has been deployed in a whole variety of businesses. The system caters for items purchased and sold in Packs, Units, Weight and Volume.

Stock Movements

Each movement of stock (whether issue or receipt) is recorded thus enabling the user to accurately track each pack or unit. A list of stock movements may be printed or displayed per stock item.

Receipts of Goods

The receipts of goods module allows the user to update stock balances when receiving physical stock. At this stage the pricing structure may be changed accordingly. Average cost price (weighted) is automatically updated. As an option, this module may be integrated with Purchase Orders Processing. The system will automatically calculate the balances on order per stock item that are still pending (i.e. Quantity ordered less Quantity received).

Stock Taking Module

As an option, this module may be linked to the SCS. The user normally prepares a preparation sheet which is presented to the person responsible for stock-taking. This contains a sorted list of stock item codes and descriptions together with a blank line. The store-keeper uses this sheet to note all the balances (physical stock) during stock taking. Once this is done, the sheets are presented to the user who in turn keys in all the balances of physical stock. The system then compares (per location) the physical stock with computer stock. The user is now in a position to print out a discrepancies report.


A number of standard reports can be printed or displayed. Some of the standard reports available are listed below: -

- Price Lists
- Stock Take Report
- Discrepancy Report
- Items below Order Level
- Items above Maximum Level Report
- Slow Moving Items
- Stock Valuation Report (Can be issued back dated)
- Sales by Category/Group
- Stock Balances in all locations Report
- Stock Movements Report
- Sales of Items by Quantity and/or Value
- Sales Report by Salesman
- Stock Transactions Report
- Bin Cards

Optionally, we can provide an ODBC driver that will connect the system to report writers such as Crystal Reports. Through this, the user can easily compile his or her own special reports. Our services include installation and training of ODBC and other database drivers and Crystal Reports.
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