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Pyramid Payroll is a powerful, yet flexible package, which has been reliably operating for over 2 decades at hundreds of companies large and small. One common remark that we kept hearing from our clients regarded its ease of use.

We recently decided that it was time to develop a brand new system. Our idea was to design a fresh system that preserved what has worked well for years, but to add all the new features that we dreamed of, using the very latest technology. It was our goal to achieve the best payroll software on the Island. As bombastic as this may sound, it was a realistic aim since we have the experience, carefully listened to 23 years of client feedback and we wrote a completely new package using completely new development tools.

Any combination of the following 4 frequencies in one single company is supported.

Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly / Four Weekly

PYRAMID payroll also keeps track of leave entitlement and leave taken with full facilities of screen enquiries and reporting.


Our choice of the Java language and MySQL database means that our clients are free to choose their platform, whether it is any version of Windows, Linux or Mac.

No software licenses

The fact that we have chosen and embraced open-source development tools and platforms means that we have freed our clients from expensive software licenses. Our software is written in the Java language and makes use of the MySQL database.

Fast Payroll Processing

PYRAMID payroll is designed with speed of payroll processing in mind. The payroll generation only takes a few seconds. The Amend Payslip Screen is laid out in such a way as to enable the use of only the numeric keypad. This allows for much faster input. The rest is simply the printing of payslips and/or cheques and other administration and government reports. The optional Bank Direct Credit module eliminates the need to print cheques and lets the user effect direct bank transfers.

Payroll Screen-Shot

Automatic Period Rolling

When generating a new payroll period, the user does not need to specify which period is next. The periods are rolled-on automatically by each Generate-Next-Period function. A period roll-back feature is also available.

No End of Year

One of the innovative features we introduced in our new payroll system is the removal of the end-of-year process.

Gone are the days of creating archives, printing all this year's reports and issuing all the necessary government reports before generating the new year's first payroll. Everything flows naturally and continuously like life itself. You can issue any report from previous periods and years.

Active Desktop

The payroll desktop sports an active calendar and a comparative graphical picture of the payroll data. Abnormal figures can be spotted at a glance

Payroll Screen-Shot

User definition & permissions

PYRAMID Payroll can work in a multi-user environment. A very important aspect here is security. The system administrator creates each user and assigns system permissions for each one. This is defined once and when the user logs in, his or her menu will differ from that of others according to his or her permissions.

Automatic logging of data processing

An important security feature, particularly useful in a multi-user environment, is the automatic logging of any changes made to the payroll database. A record of who changed what and when is kept. An extensive range of options and search facilities are available when retrieving information from this log file.

User defined government related details

FSS Tax Bands, Government Bonuses and National Insurance rates change practically every year. PYRAMID Payroll allows you to define these rates according to the latest amendments in legislation.

Optional modules

PYRAMID payroll's flexibility allows it to be highly customizable. Payslip format is user-defined. A number of additional modules can be plugged in to accommodate larger companies and corporations.

- Electronic Punch Clocks / Time and Attendance Interface
- Allowances processing
- Customized Cheque Formatting
- Bank Direct Credit Payments
- Unions and Social Clubs Handling
- Multi-Company Feature

Departments and Reports

Employees are allocated to departments. The system issues a host of comprehensive reports. Most of these reports may be sub-totaled or selected by department.

Optionally, we can provide an ODBC driver that will connect the system to report writers such as Crystal Reports and Jasper Reports. Through this, the user can easily compile his or her own special reports. Our services include installation and training of ODBC and other database drivers and Crystal Reports or Jasper Reports.
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