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The Purchases Ledger System (PLS) is a self-contained package that may be operated as a stand alone package or integrated with other applications in our business suite. The standard features of PLS cover the normal and extra requirements of both small and large business organizations. However, PLS can be tailored to suit the different procedures adopted by different businesses. One must note that once the other packages are linked to PLS, all updating is done on-line.

True Flexibility

A very open and flexible approach has been used to tackle the closing of accounting periods. The user may not necessarily close a period to continue posting in the next. He or she may post any back dated adjustments at his or her leisure. As a security measure, all transactions are tagged with user code and the date of actual posting. There are no hectic end-of-year procedures since all reports such as Aged Creditors List can be printed back dated.

Comprehensive Screen Enquiries

Super fast and efficient screen enquiries give the user everything he or she needs to know about a creditor promptly and without flipping through countless screens.

Payments By Matching

A point and shoot method of operation is utilized when using the Open-item facility. Thus, several transactions may be settled against one or several payments. A combination of windows help the user to achieve maximum efficiency. A number of batch control totals are included whilst posting by matching. This helps the user determine the running totals and balances. This module can also be executed during the actual posting of payments. In this case all matched transactions will be printed on remittance advice issued.

Foreign Currency

As an option, the PLS may be configured to handle accounts in dual currency (i.e. local and foreign currency). Differences on exchange (whether profit or loss) are calculated and posted automatically by the system while matching payments.


The user has the facility to update the Nominal Ledger System (NLS) with all the transactions posted during a range of dates. The user can split and allocate transactions from the PLS side via pop-up menus through a direct link with NLS. As an option, PLS can be extended to cater for multi-departments which will ultimately reflect into a Profit & Loss Statement per department in NLS. Additionally, when payments and refunds are affected, all relevant Cash Book files are automatically updated.


All transactions that have been posted are stored for any number of financial years or months. This archiving period is defined for each individual ledger. Purging is done during each period close. For example , the user has specified to keep 3 years of transactions. While closing January 1994, January of 1990 will be purged. That way, a continuous 3 year history is maintained.


Suppliers may be grouped under different groups that are pre-defined by the user. This will produce better reporting and analysis.


A number of standard reports can be printed or displayed. Some of the standard reports available are listed below: -

- Supplier Statements
- Supplier Aged Debt Analysis
- Audit Report
- Creditors Transaction Totals
- Cumulative Purchases by Supplier

Optionally, we can provide an ODBC driver that will connect the system to report writers such as Crystal Reports. Through this, the user can easily compile his or her own special reports. Our services include installation and training of ODBC and other database drivers and Crystal Reports.
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